Mailing List Message #65355
From: Neil Unger <>
Subject: Mufflers
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2019 08:00:18 +1100
To: Rotary motors in aircraft <>
Attn Todd Bartrim,

                                      When in doubt check the instruction book!!  I finally checked the archives to find that Todd you are way in front of me.  I am definitely going to put a turbo on my renesis, but am still looking for a muffler. Depending on what Lynn suggestes, but your experience with the spintech or your latest version is appreciated.  Do you have any tests with a decibel meter?  My exhaust noise is just too loud, fine for me but passengers do not exactly que up for another ride.

So design starts all over again, but I do have another engine to play with to keep mine in the air while I experiment.    Here again Todd you have the electric water pump --- thoughts?


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