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Check with Ducarra for all kinds of aircraft and ground power engine parts. Also Outlaw Aircraft engines
in Plant city Florida. Aircraft engines built from all yellow tagged parts
or non certified engines for air boats that use certified parts and ground power unit parts. He does very nice work. I have been in his shop. Check with aviation insurance web sites for totals that have some good engine parts left on them. There is a religious web site that collects and sells aircraft parts to raise money. I lost the hyperlink but look for that.
Also check the airboat news groups for certified and ground power units.
A model plane fellow from Clearwater wants to look at my BD-4. If he is not interested I will post it on the news group. I saw your Youtube movies. Very nice.
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I'm currently building/finishing a BD-4.  I'm a member of "the" BD4  There are a couple of guys over there looking for BD's to finish and fly.  So if you decide to sell your project it would be a good place to start.  Free to post to classifieds over there.  I was thinking about powering mine with a rotary but for now have decided to stick with a Lycoming O or IO-360.  If anyone here knows of any 360's complete, parts, running, basket case or otherwise I'm interested. 

Interestingly I also researched the Dyke before settling on the BD4.


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I have a set of Dyke Delta plans. Lots of great ideas in them and many I thought of. Probably many thought of by others. A real race car fuel cell will fit in that space and never leak. Ford now makes thousands of small light V-6s that racers turbo up to 600 HP. Same for the BD-4. Add width, Add my method of flap actuation, Add a stretch. Add a skylight. Add some headroom, Add span with Deemer tips.
Perhaps a 3 rotor 20B engine. Conventional gear in a stronger box. Wheel pants with the closing doors.
Burt Rutan did one for Jim Bede that held some FIA records. The BD-4C flys like a dream. Construction and flight footage on Youtube..Jim also liked the idea of a low wing BD-4.........Lynn E. Hanover I am only 74, so I have lots of time. 
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