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I have a set of Dyke Delta plans. Lots of great ideas in them and many I thought of. Probably many thought of by others. A real race car fuel cell will fit in that space and never leak. Ford now makes thousands of small light V-6s that racers turbo up to 600 HP. Same for the BD-4. Add width, Add my method of flap actuation, Add a stretch. Add a skylight. Add some headroom, Add span with Deemer tips.
Perhaps a 3 rotor 20B engine. Conventional gear in a stronger box. Wheel pants with the closing doors.
Burt Rutan did one for Jim Bede that held some FIA records. The BD-4C flys like a dream. Construction and flight footage on Youtube..Jim also liked the idea of a low wing BD-4.........Lynn E. Hanover I am only 74, so I have lots of time. 
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The micron rating of the last chance filter would be the same as in the car the injector came from or was used in. Find a filter with that micron rating (the one from the car) and cut it open. Lay out the paper or wire media and measure the square inches. Double that number and buy a filter(s) that have that numberof square inches of media and AN fitting capability.
 There is no application for hose barb fittings on an airplane or a race car. Change the filters at annual.
Sintered bronze elements can be plugged solid by a dose of water. I would not use them.  This is race car stuff. My BD-4 hangs from the ceiling unfinished.
Lynn E. Hanover


    Do not think you are alone out there in "Project Unfinished Land"...........I am still plugging away with my Dyke Delta JD2 with the hope of flying before death............At age 76 I still look forward to working on it...........Would rather die building than in the recliner..............<:)

Best Regards,
Kelly Troyer
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