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The micron rating of the last chance filter would be the same as in the car the injector came from or was used in. Find a filter with that micron rating (the one from the car) and cut it open. Lay out the paper or wire media and measure the square inches. Double that number and buy a filter(s) that have that numberof square inches of media and AN fitting capability.
 There is no application for hose barb fittings on an airplane or a race car. Change the filters at annual.
Sintered bronze elements can be plugged solid by a dose of water. I would not use them.  This is race car stuff. My BD-4 hangs from the ceiling unfinished.
Lynn E. Hanover
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Hi Finn,

Since you appear to be uncomfortable with barb fittings, here are the ones I
used for over 10 years that have a screwed on fitting, never had any
problems.  Replaced them ever 2 years, cut them open and could never detect
any trash in fuel system.  I started with an AC GF-481 which became hard to
find and then switched to a more readily accessible NAPA filter the GF652
NAPA FIL-3481.  They do require the Saginaw fitting and an "O" ring.

Fuel Filters:          OEM Auto Fuel Injector Fuel Filters (Two in Parallel)
Type:             AC GF - 481 Pkg: 25056052 OEM:25055129 (or equivalent)
                      Replaced by GF652, NAPA FIL -3481
Fittings:         3/8 Saginaw to AN6 Adapter, “O” ring required

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On 6/15/2017 7:45 PM, Finn Lassen wrote:
> Still haven't found a EFI filter with hose barbs I'm comfortable with.
> Some specs says paper filter, some puts the limit at 45 psi.
> Can anybody recommend a filter to insert between output of HFI pumps and
> fuel rails?
> Finn
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Have you searched for an inline fuel injection filter with NPT threads?
You can use NPT to hose barb adapters. Summit has one that looks like
the NAPA all metal filter several builders have used. It doesn't list
filter media or max psi on the site, but it might be worth a look.


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