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I carry automotive fuel to the airport at KLAR and Charlie was so kind as to facilitate purchasing it at MS71.  Even though the leg from KEWK to KFYV was so short, I chose KFYV as a fuel stop because it would have been possible to return there from MS71 had fuel not been available at MS71.  KFYV was the closest location from MS71 listed on the Fly Unleaded site that lay along our route.  I haven't used Airnav and will look into it.  Thank you for the information.


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It is amazing how much difference small changes in the parameters make in planning a flight.  I am guessing you used a max leg range of 450 miles when you did the planning and Airnav gave you this route.  If you had used a range of only 455 miles, it would have sent you to K50 and you would have only had one stop and Mogas would have been $2.87.  Was Mogas available on both ends of the trip?  You would have been low on arrival on both ends.




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Routes were KLAR KEWK KFYV MS71 down and MS71 KFYV KEWK KSNY KLAR for the return.  Mogas was available at KEWK and KFYV.


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Pretty decent numbers Steve - How many stops going in both directions?

After resolving the questionable Hobbs readings, the following are results for the flights from Laramie, WY to Slobovia Outernational, MS and the return in order to attend the excellent fly in hosted by Charlie and Tupper England.

KLAR to MS71:  934 nm, 6.9 hr in flight, 8.0 gal/hr, 135 nm/hr GS average, 9000 ft DA average.

MS71 to KLAR:  953 nm, 7.9 hr in flight, 8.7 gal/hr, 121 nm/hr GS average, 8800 ft DA average.

Total:  1887 nm, 14.8 hr in flight, 8.4 gal/hr, 127 nm/hr GS

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