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Using more oil cooler to further cool the oil also reduces the water temps. Oil higher than 160 degrees cuts into power. So oil at 160 max and water at 180 max is the target.The NAPA store has a catalogue of cold side car air conditioning radiators with dozens of shapes to choose from. TIG on some aircraft fittings and add either more water, or more oil cooling. I have also seen heater cores from school buses used as primary water radiators in smaller race cars.
Check with  for any custom coolers of any size or shape  you might imagine. In the engine tent at Sun&Fun each year.
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Lynn E. Hanover
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Any thoughts on using the Mazda oil cooler for additional water cooling; i.e., connecting it up as big heater core, using the 3/4” block outlet and returning to the suction side of water pump?

I have temporarily plumbed in an actual heater core (8”x6”) but am not too confident in its durability ...


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I've read multiple accounts of successful use of the heater as extra cooling capacity, and heard another account just this weekend. But all require cool air flow through the heater core to remove the heat. How do you move air through that core?

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