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I abandoned  the Toyota pump and modified the Mazda pump


Joe Berki

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  I have an "EC1" that uses the 86-91 igniters but it and the wiring schematic are currently in my hangar 55 miles from here

so cannot help you today but will get the info you need on my next trip if nobody else finds the info before I do........I do have

a question for you about the "Toyota" water pump you were working on some time ago........Did you install this pump on your 

project and has it been run as of now??.............I purchased one of these pumps on the thought I might possibly use it........



Kelly troyer


On Sun, May 21, 2017 at 1:05 PM, Joseph Berki <> wrote:

Does anyone know how the Mazda igniters should be connected?


I have Tracy’s EC-4 and the wiring shows how some of the wires are connected but colors don’t necessarily agree,


Leading igniter 2 conductor connector red and white.


Single conductor connector black wire


Trailing igniter  4 conductor connector red, white, yellow and grey wires.  2 conductor 2 brown wires.


I am concerned about leaving wires unconnected.


Thanks for any help


Joe Berki

Limo EZ 13b





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