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I'll try to send you a link to the 2012 event when I get home. I can't find it using my phone. 

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Folks - I would personally appreciate fotos of current installations who will be in attendance at this event for reference as I install my 20B.  I'm sure that others who are considering alt engine installations would appreciate that as well.  Out of curiosity, is there a repository available from past events?  Unfortunately, I will not be attending (as much as I wanted to) due to a previously planned trip with my wife.


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Just a reminder about the alt engine flyin Memorial Day weekend. If you think you might attend, please let me know soon, so we can be prepared. :-)

I've already heard from several among us who will have new info to share, so I hope you can make it.



On 4/19/2017 7:42 PM, Charlie England wrote:
> Hi y'all,
> We have a tentative date for our next alt engine gathering. We're
> looking at Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28. Arrivals any time Friday,
> and departures Sunday or Monday, as weather permits.
> For new members, we're on the field at Slobovia Outernational Airport
> (MS71), just north of Jackson MS. It's a 4800' grass strip in great
> condition. I understand that it probably won't work for Vari-Eze's,
> but we've had just about everything else, from SX300's to Velocity's,
> to King Airs, to Mitsubishi MU-2's, to the Blockbuster (remember
> them?) Blimp land here. Oh, and Cubs, RV-x's, etc, as well. So unless
> you're flying something direct from the drawing board of Rutan
> himself, you can probably land here. And if you can't, there's a paved
> municipal airport ~10 miles south (KHKS).
> You can camp on the field or in the hangar, and we may have limited
> space in the house for a bedroll, if you can bring one. There's a
> public campground about 5 minutes away, and hotels are ~20-25 minutes
> away by car.
> If you have an update on your project you'd like to share, or
> something new you've discovered, *please* contact me off list; we
> would love to have some presentations. Doesn't have to be rotary
> related; just good clean aircraft fun.
> OK; down to business. I know that several of you have already said
> that you can be here. If there's a chance you'll be able to attend,
> please let me know within the next few days. Reason is two-fold.
> First, we need to know if there's enough interest to have the event on
> this weekend, and second, a rough head count so we can start
> preparations (food, etc). So if you're interested, and there's at
> least a reasonable chance you can attend, please let me know. You can
> reply via this list, or you can email me directly at
>, or call at 601-879-9596.
> Thanks, and hoping to see a lot of y'all on May 26.
> Charlie & Tupper England
> Slobovia Outernational Airport

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